Your IT staff provides critical services to the business to ensure the smooth flow of information and communications – the lifeblood of the daily workflow. The ecosystem they support often encompasses a wide variety of elements – systems & services, networks & applications, hardware & software. Obtaining and sustaining technical competency and management expertise in each of the many disciplines required can be a daunting and expensive proposition. For your business communications technology, DTS offers a high-value, compelling alternative.

Strategic Planning & Design Services

DTS’ Strategic Planning Services are designed to ensure your communications ecosystem is properly aligned with your business strategy to enable optimum results. Our process looks not only at basic functionality and out-of-pocket cost, but also considers broader organizational effectiveness in the use of the technology and its impact on both internal and external customers. We can further assist you in supplying the vision and technical expertise to take advantage of new technologies and applications. These services include:


Solutions Assessment and Analysis

Knowing what you have and how well it is working – and working together – is the first step to optimization of your communications ecosystem. DTS experts will identify and inventory all systems, applications and services currently in place; document the purpose and interaction of all items in the inventory; review current environmental and operational conditions and benchmark against industry standards.


Optimization & Strategic Roadmap

After performing an objective analysis of the current communications systems a set of preliminary optimization recommendations is developed in order to re-align existing systems and services to current business needs often without significant capital investment. A strategic roadmap that supports mid- and long-term strategic business plans then can be developed to serve as the basis for budget and project planning as well as procurement initiatives as needed.


Procurement Services

DTS draws upon its considerable collective experience in the communications industry, as both client and vendor, when assisting your organization in defining communication requirements and procuring the products and services to address your needs. Our experience with these key steps has proven to be a pivotal service for our clients and ensures the project gets done right with considerable savings of both time and money for your organization.


Implementation Management Services

Professional, knowledgeable and experienced management is the key to any successful project. DTS has the proven track record to organize and execute your project in an efficient and successful manner – no matter how complex or customized it may be. Whether you may have a re-location project, cloud migration, contact center, campus environment, large corporate headquarters or a series of field offices, we provide knowledgeable assistance to manage any communications technology project.


Business Continuity Planning

Needless to say, the best way to avoid unforeseen, business-affecting outages is through effective business continuity planning. From fundamental solutions architecture considerations to specific plans for highly probable scenarios and effective training and plan communication, DTS can assist your organization to be best positioned to reduce the occurrence of outages and minimize impact if one should occur.&

Management Services

Our Operations Management Services are targeted for companies that do not need a full-time Communications Manager but want the expertise on their team. DTS functions as an extension of your organization providing the management assistance to ensure reliable and optimal functionality of your network, systems and applications. In doing so, we will help keep communications technology costs under control while ensuring maximum return on your investments.  These services include:


Inventory & Asset Management

  • What do you have? Where is it? What is it used for? What does it cost? What should it cost?
  • What systems and software versions are in place? Are they currently supported? For how long?
  • Do you know how many application licenses you have left or how to access your equipment?

The answers to these questions may surprise you! Many enterprises are paying for services they do not use, do not need or are paying above market rates. Lack of knowledge about system location, software versions, licensing levels and access methods can lead to service and support issues that extend downtime and cripple your business.

We will help you quickly discover and document the full communications ecosystem. Our approach is comprehensive in that it includes information about your systems and applications not just your network services. What you get is a clear, complete picture of your entire communications network landscape which improves your ability to monitor and manage your day-to-day operations.


Billing Audit and Validation

Once you have a full inventory, you will know what items and services for which you should be paying. The next step ensures you are not paying too much and not paying for something you do not need. Our goal in this step is simple and straightforward: We ensure you pay what you owe, not what you’re billed.


Comprehensive Cost Containment

We work to optimize your network and operations and reduce your spend without sacrificing service quality. We spend time to fully understand your specific environment which includes your communications network technologies, inventory/usage profile, vendor contracts and resource utilization.


Service Order Management for Moves, Adds, & Changes

Many companies today operate in a dynamic environment that requires a significant number of communication application service changes. It is a time consuming and demanding function that can easily overwhelm busy administrators and staff. Our trained telecom professionals can effectively handle all of the detailed work associated with ordering, installing and validating new site connectivity, closing existing sites, or handling the individual tasks associated with modifying service at an existing location.


Crisis Intervention

In the event of unforeseen and business affecting communications issues, DTS can provide a SWAT-team approach to diagnose, stabilize, and manage your organization through and out of the situation. Our focus is putting you back in business ASAP.

The DTS team would include subject matter experts to provide immediate response to business critical problems. Our industry expertise and management experience enables us to leverage both internal and vendor resources to their fullest potential and provide an expeditious resolution.


Staff Augmentation

We can provide Project Managers and Technology Specialists to expedite implementation projects, assist with on-going system management, and day to day communications issues.